Behgam is a fully integrated catalytic converter manufacturer from research to design, Behgam ensures using the best manufacturing practices and innovative technologies, providing solutions to meet customers needs for industrial and automotive emission control components.

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About Company

Behgam is a outstanding manufacturer in the design and implementation of emission control systems for mobile internal combustion engines. Behgam’s product offering includes catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters...

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Industries & Automotive

Since 2005, over 90% of all new cars sold worldwide have been equipped with a catalytic converter, also installation of catalyst on vehicles was mandatory in Iran and before this date, vehicles were not standardized...

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Behgam is committed to permanently improve its products in order to comply with the environmental regulations. Behgam's R&D facilities encompass the design and manufacturing of Nano materials, catalyst coatings and equipment...

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Services & Laboratory

Behgam has numerous testing laboratories, and we are committed to ensuring that our testing facilities, staff, equipment and processes always meet the highest professional standard. You can see list of our facilities as below:

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Our Working Process

Mass Product


Main office : No.4, Banafshe Alley, West Monuchahri St,North Bahar St, West Ferdows Blvd, Tehran, Iran.

Factory : No.4, shariati St, Shahid BaBaie Blvd, Standard Sq, Caspian Industrial Park, Qazvin, Iran.


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