Nanotechnology promises better catalytic converter

Behgam has developed a wide array of chemical coatings in-house based on Nano materials and creates high performance catalysts for cleaner future also special designed catalyst can be performed based on requirements of customers. Nanocatalysis has emerged as a unique solution to the demanding requirements for catalyst improvement. These Nano compounds should display the benefits such as high efficiency, selectivity, stability and easy recycling.

We develop, scale up, manufacture and sell metal-based catalysts. Our products comprise rare earth oxide such as Cerium oxide, rare earth Mixed oxides, Lanthanum oxide, Zirconium oxide, Yttrium oxide, Neodymium oxide, Doped Alumina, even Precious metals solutions. Our Nano technology allows us to customize powder properties to suit a wide range of catalytic applications. The particle size distribution of the powders allows them to be washcoated with PGM.

The key to our triumph is understanding expectations of customers, which enables us to translate ideas into best solutions that work for our customers.


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