The accelerated rate of industrialization increases the demand for precious metals, while high quality natural resources are diminished quantitatively, with significant operating costs. Precious metals recovery can be successfully made from waste, considered to be secondary sources of raw material. Precious metals are used in a wide range of applications, both in electronic and communications equipment, spacecraft and jet aircraft engines and for mobile phones or catalytic converters.

Recycling department of Behgam has performed basic studies about development and design recovery line of Platinum Group and other materials of washcoat. As soon, Behgam Recovery line will be triggered.

The recycling of platinum group metals from spent automotive catalysts is becoming increasingly important. The state-of-the-art technique for the recycling of spent automotive catalyst is pyrometallurgical processing. As the melting point of this secondary raw material requires high temperatures, the energy consumption is high. Additionally, the pyrometallurgical processing is accompanied by long processing times, which cause high in-stock capital. Based on increasingly stricter off-gas emission limits, new materials are applied in catalytic converters. Therefore other valuable constituents are also available in spent automotive catalysts. One of these is cerium, which is a rare earth metal with limited availability. Due to the non-noble character of cerium, its recovery in pyrometallurgical recycling processes is problematic. Since energy costs are steadily rising and stricter exhaust regulations require higher additions of doping metal, alternatives should be considered.


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