Behgam is committed to permanently improve its products in order to comply with the environmental regulations. Behgam's R&D facilities encompass the design and manufacturing of Nano materials, catalyst coatings and equipment.

For catalyst development with proprietary formulation, Behgam uses a catalyst bench test for experiment of promising new materials and formulations. The catalyst bench test is a bench scale system that simulates exhaust gas and output gases of small catalysts samples analyze with a gas chromatographs (GC). The system is computer controlled, so that the performance of small catalyst samples can be quickly evaluated on the system. Additionally, after initial development of catalyst formulations, our small catalysts samples are aged under precise procedures, finally samples are scaled up to full size and evaluated on chassis dynamometer.

Nano material department of Behgam persistently expedite to design and development of new advanced mixed oxide with modified characteristics, additionally Ambition of our company extend our products for petroleum catalysts. It should be noted, required studies are performing in R&D department of Behgam.

Perovskite -based TWC which is in principle well applicable to other catalytic processes as well, and to reduce the amounts of critical elements such as PGM without seriously lowering the catalytic performance.Perovskite-type oxide with the general formula ABO3 can crystallize in cubic structure with a space group Pmm or in distorted orthorhombic, rhombohedral, tetragonal, monoclinic and triclinic symmetry. The content of oxygen and defects can vary depending on the composition due to a large stability range of structure. The larger A-site cation is often a rare earth, an alkaline earth or an alkali metal action coordinated to 12 oxygen anions.Already, in 1971, LaCoO3 perovskite-type oxide was proposed as an economic substitute for noble metal-based exhaust after treatment catalysts. Co-, Fe-, Mn- and Ru-based perovskite-type oxides exhibited promising activity for the oxidation of Co and reduction of NOx.

Spinel was the name initially given to naturally-occurring magnesium aluminate (MgAl2O4) and is now used to describe any composition with the same structure.Our spinel utilizes various base metals which when combined together in a common structure achieve unusual very effective catalytic conversion activity. Spinel is deal for the coating of catalytic converter as an alternative to those utilizing costly PGM and rare earth materials.


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